We are taking a convoy of healthcare workers, medical supplies and emergency vehicles to Ukraine. ​
If you are an organization or know of locations in need of medical assistance on the Ukraine border, please email help@roadtoukraine.com

Press Contact: press@roadtoukraine.com


Bank Account Details For Direct Donations
Account: Planet Of People
Bank Account Number: 77469704
Bank Sort Code: 04-00-75

International Bank Account Details For Direct Donations
Account: Planet Of People
IBAN: GB57 REVO 0099 6945 5459 66




Last Departure: Tuesday 3rd May


Set up a donation system in England, through which money, food, medical supplies, personal hygiene products and more were donated.

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We assist in the refugee camp in Poland with medical assistance and translation for refugees such as with visa applications

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We distribute water, food, blankets and more at the Ukrainian border where refugees wait to cross into Poland

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We bring volunteers from all over the world who want to help and get them to where their skills are needed most

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Prepare vehicles to carry people and supplies to where they are needed

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We work with various supply chains where donations are taken to the front lines in Ukraine

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We transport refugees throughout Poland to various aid centers and paramedics into Ukraine

We transport dogs across the border to new homes (and have adopted two of our own from Kyiv!)

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We are not done yet! Unfortunately there is still a lot to do,

thank you for your help

Who are we?


Volunteer & Translator

Organiser & Logistics

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Volunteer & Fundraiser


Volunteer & Translator

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We are collecting donations via Just Giving & PayPal

We will soon have direct bank details for donations.

What have donations been used for so far?

Vehicles for carrying people and supplies to where help is needed:
Mercedes 814D - 28 Seater Bus
Ford Transit - 17 Seater Minibus
Mazda 6 - 5 Seater Support Vehicle
Box Trailer - 3,500 KG
Box Trailer - 750 KG

Estate for receiving and distributing supplies into Ukraine:
Warehouse - 10,000 sqf
Accommodation for 15

Office/Admin Equipment
Accommodation Essentials (also covered by volunteer contributions)
Fuel - Diesel / Petrol

Donations are used to purchase medication and other necessary supplies to Ukraine not donated




minibuses, ex-ambulance, trailers

Emergency Supplies

Generators, solar banks (for mobile charging)

Surgery material: 
Clamps, needles, seems, drainage and material for surgery.

Medical supplies:

Hemostatic agents of all kinds

Shock garments

Reusable stabilization equipment:

stretchers, tough boards for spinal injuries, splints, "air splints", neck braces

Combat applied tourniquet or similar

Swat tourniquet

Esmarch tourniquet

or any type of bondage or tourniquet which able to stop arterial bleeding

We also desperately need:

IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit\ nato approved)

Haemostatic bandage (cellox or similar)

Occlusive dressing for the chest wounds. preferably one equipped with valve

Tactical trauma treatment bandage (so called Israeli bandage)

Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA)

Pneumothorax Needle

Tactical medical bandage

Trauma shears

Empty medical bags\Tactical bags and pouches

Hydrogel bandage

Antifungal drugs

Antiflu drugs

bleeding stop medicine (both injection and pills)

all groups of antibiotic medications (both injection and pills)

thyroid hormones (Levothyroxine, L-thyroxine, euthyrox) !!! 

analgesics (both injection and pills)


1. Adrenaline 1mg (1:10)
2. dexamethasone 4, 8 , 20 or 50 mg i.v.
3. Any IV NSAIDS  
4. diphenhydramine 62.5 mg iv (1 Ampulle)
5. tranexamic acid 20 mg/kg ( 1 Ampulle normalerweise 500 mg)
6. ceftriaxone 2g I.v (1 Ampulle 2g)
7. cefotaxime 
8. Meropenem 1g ( 1ampulle 1g)
9. ciprofloxaxin 500 mg (1 Ampulle 500 mg, gibt es IV and PO)
10. metronidazole 500 mg ( 1ampulle 500 mg, and/or p.o. Mit 400 mg)
11. amiodarone 150 und 300 mg 
12. diclofenac 75-150 mg 
13. paracetamol 1 g I.V


If you can help us get medical supplies, please get in touch: help@roadtoukraine.com



Sponsors will have exposure through BBC, ITV, The Times and more 

Thank you to Signosaurus for designing and liverying up our vehicles with red crosses on all sides to ensure safe passage on the green route into Ukraine!

Thank you to The Leicester Arms in Penshurst and all the team there who have fundraised, collected donations and been our base for preparing supplies and setting off!

Thank you to House of Tome for designing our logo and providing us with full professional graphics!

Thank you Stafford Bus Centre for supplying a minibus + 28 seats


Leicester Arms


House of Tome


06/04/22 We featured on BBC Radio Kent Breakfast

25/03/22 We updated BBC Radio Kent 

17/03/22 Local Paper wrote about us
12/03/22 BBC 1 Evening News

08/03/22 BBC South East Evening News
08/08/22 The Mirror wrote about us

07/03/22 PA News Agency wrote about our mission

07/03/22 We featured on GB News Breakfast Show

06/03/22 The Sunday Times wrote about our mission

05/03/22 CarDealer Magazine wrote about our mission

05/03/22 BBC News wrote about our mission

04/03/22 We featured on KMFM and Kent Online

04/03/22 We featured on BBC News South East Evening News

03/03/22 BBC Radio Kent shared our mission on Twitter
02/03/22 We featured on ITV News Meridian at 6pm

02/03/22 We featured on BBC Radio Kent at around 7am and 8:20am

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